RCB on Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival, QLD Australia (Oct 2018)

An Indonesian Designer Recipient of Australia Awards 2018 to Feature on Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival 2018, Australia, under RCB Brand Committed to an Eco-Friendly and Sustainability Vision

Living a more sustainable lifestyle can now start by considering what is inside your closet. Ina Susanto, who is the designer and creative director behind the Indonesian fashion line RCB, also believes that one can be eco-friendly and stylish while caring for traditional values and heritage in the same time.  That is exactly what her fashion line, which she founded together with her husband in 2013, strives to showcase in the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival 2018, Australia.

First established in 2008, the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival is touted as one of Australia’s most prominent fashion events. Here, in the curated fashion show where only the best established as well as emerging designers on a global scale will showcase a wide range of wearable art and couture from swimwear to intimates in the spirit of the invigorating Summer season, RCB will present its vision and invite a wider audience to enjoy its line of stylish and yet environmentally-friendly and exotically-flavored womenswear.

Ina Susanto herself is one of Indonesian designer awardees for Australia Awards 2018 in Fashion Design and Textile Industry that was held in Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Committed on using natural dyes to reflect her company’s commitment to eco-friendliness, her collection is full of earthy yet flavorful colour palettes: splashes of bold blues, cheerful yellows and dark browns complement the muted earthy tones that dominate many of her creations. Fabrics from natural and sustainable fibers such as cotton, lyocell, linen and silk are tailored into ready-wears that drape and envelope the body elegantly while letting the wearers’ skin breath freely.

This collection’s flowy scarves, structural bat-wing shirts and casual sleveless tops are tailored to accomodate for the hot summer weather. Made from intrically hand-stamped and hand-drawn batik, manually-tied and manually-dyed shibori, and eco-print fabrics that are gained by pasting leaves or flowers onto the fabrics, these pieces are vibrant with exotic vibe. The resulting fabrics that are full of intricate and unique patterns from these techniques are often juxtaposed with fabrics of solid colours for balance, be it in the form of fun harem pants or endearing slacks to guarantee comfort without having to sacrifice style. Beautifully-tailored knee-length skirts and sarongs made from batik or eco-print fabrics are available for formal-wear options, all of which are versatile enough to be worn interchangably with other pieces from this collection.

Providing a wide range of options, the collection also has carefree jumpsuits and ankle-length pants. Paired with a layered top or a batik scarf that can be worn in various ways to the wearers’ taste, they embody the fun spirit of summer perfectly. There are also casually graceful A-line batik dresses in beautiful pastel colours that are combined with complementary solid colors and accentuated with immaculate ruffle or lace details, perfect for those easy summer picnics or gatherings. Drawing inspiration from Javanese and Japanese traditional clothes respectively, the collection’s kebaya-inspired and kimono-inspired tops express ingenious elegance that are fitting for more formal occasions.

The entire collection offers a wide range of clothes that are perfect for today’s modern women, be it formal wear or informal wear. It also promotes a mindset of environmental friendliness and sustainability in daily living, in the form of comfortable, simple, stylish and yet edgy clothes with splashes of exotic elegance.

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